5 Surprisingly Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Happier

5 Surprisingly Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Happier

How to feel happier?

Being a woman I believe I can define myself almost an expert on how to switch your mood instantly. It happens multiple times a week for me and it happens involuntary. How come we never thought of these mood changes as of great things?  Our mood swings are almost always associated with our periods and us being moody and emotionally unstable. But if you really think about it… If we are capable of changing our moods so quickly and without even realising it, then I believe it’s safe to say that we can change our mood even easier when we do it consciously.

I’m not saying that you should feel constantly happy, even if that is truly something I wouldn’t mind to experience. The truth is that happiness will sometimes get disrupted by off-days. And when that happens, don’t you just wish you yould get yourself in a better mood? I know I do! I also know that most of the times until now, I would just accept the fact that I’m feeling down and call it a day. But perhaps if we try to get ourselves into a better state of mind we just might succeed!

Many times we forget how easy it is to feel happier. Here are my 5 quick and easy tips to lift your mood:

1. Meditate

I’ve only just started getting into the whole spiritual living. I started meditating less than 6 months ago, but have had different periods of falling out in between. I can honestly tell you that meditation is an amazing way to beat stress and therefore to feel a little bit happier. But stress level isn’t the only thing you can improve with meditation. Eco-Institute had listed 141 benefits of meditation. They divided them into 4 categories: mental benefits, physical benefits, emotional benefits, and spiritual benefits.

2. Go for a walk and coffee with the best company – yourself

Every once in a while I take myself for a walk in the city. It usually happens when I’m feeling low and uninspired. All I do is walk around the city, observe, smell, breathe. In the end, I always take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee and to just be. It really is all about the simple things. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and some alone time to refocus your energy on what truly matters – you! Only when you’re happy first you can make others happy. On Psychology Today I found an article that explains in details all the ways that walking makes us feel happier. Check it out here!

3.  Find something that makes you laugh

Other times when I’m cranky I find my mood lifts with laughter. Is there aperson that’s particularly funny in your circle? Ring them up! I, on the other hand, love the old school comedies. I can pretty much rely on Seinfeld to always make me laugh and lift my spirit. Interesting fact, studies have shown that stressed people who have a strong sense of humour, were less likely to become depressed and anxious. Even more so, people who use humour as the coping mechanism, are more likely to be in good mood. Writers on stressguide.com have found a strong link between laughter and our mental health which they talked about in an article titled ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

4. Take a good old nap

I know you’re always hearing how we should be as active as we can, but let’s be real here for a moment. Sometimes a good nap is the only thing your soul needs. The benefits of getting enough sleep are well known. In an article on Independent (read by clicking here) Professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Previous research has shown that naps of under 30 minutes make you more focused, productive and creative, and these new findings suggest the tantalising possibility that you can also become happier by just taking a short nap.

5. Give yourself a break from social media

This should actually be my number one way to feel happier! Is it only me or do you also get overwhelmed with keeping up with social media? There are days when I wish our lives wouldn’t happen online to such extent as they do now. But being a blogger also means spending an enormous amount of time online. I don’t mind it but I’ve noticed some days that I focus more attention on what’s going on online than in my surrounding. There are days when switching off is exactly what I need. Honestly, when we were in Costa Rica a few months back, we had really poor internet connection in the apartment. While it was inconvenient for uploading photos and writing travel blogs, it was also nice because it meant spending way less time online. If you’re interested in this topic, click here for a link to a more in-depth article on how social media affect our lives.

Happiness, in the end, is such a broad concept that if we don’t break it down into small, manageable pieces, seems almost impossible to comprehend. To reach something, we must first understand it – you can’t be happy if you don’t know happy.

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Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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  1. J
    01/07/2017 / 17:05

    Love this! All these ideas have made me feel really motivated

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:00

      Thank you! Sometimes we forget how simple life is. Of course, the road to true happiness is long and difficult but I believe it all starts with changing the little things!

  2. 01/07/2017 / 17:44

    Great post! These tips are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:01

      Thank you! Hope you’ll try some of these. Do you have any suggestions for us?

  3. 01/07/2017 / 17:58

    My favorite tip is go for a coffee walk alone! There’s something therapeutic about a good latte (personally) and the great outdoors. I think I’ll have to try that soon!!

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:02

      It really is amazing. 🙂 That’s definitely one of my favourites!

  4. 01/07/2017 / 19:21

    Naps and laughter are probably my top two on this list. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little down or grumpy I sometimes have to stop myself and think: Maybe I need some sleep! Even a 30 minute rest can make a world of difference. I think I need to work on the meditation part a little bit though!

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:03

      Somehow I think meditation is one of the hardest things on this list. We all know the benefits but it seems to be the hardest for most of us to keep up with on regular basis.

  5. 02/07/2017 / 00:09

    As a male, although I don’t have that button to switch moods as most females I know 😛 we all have down days and laughter is for me the number one remedy…Or to travel to a new country, that makes me happy 😀

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:03

      Tell me about it! I just booked my summer vacation and my mood is greaaaaat! 🙂

  6. 02/07/2017 / 02:12

    I’ve started meditating and it’s made a huge impact in my happiness and feeling calm.

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:04

      It really does impact the way we feel, doesn’t it? It’s amazing!

  7. 02/07/2017 / 02:18

    Good post. Meditation is a good technique for relaxing. All these do help.

  8. 02/07/2017 / 04:13

    Awesome post! Short but sweet. Caught my attention because it wasn’t too long!

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:05

      Thank you, Erin! I try to keep it compact! 😀

  9. 02/07/2017 / 07:58

    Really enjoy looking through your page! Thank you for sharing this info with us 🙂

    • 02/07/2017 / 10:06

      Thank you so much, Sara! Feel free to stumble upon my posts also in the future. I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:41

      Ha, I know exactly what you mean. Naps are great, as long as you keep them fairly short (up to 30minutes).

  10. 02/07/2017 / 14:44

    Yes! Laughter is the best medicine!! I keep some of my favorite funny movies, YouTube videos, and podcasts on my phone for when I need a quick pick me up! It’s the little things! Great post!!

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:43

      Amazing! Also a great suggestion to everyone – podcasts are a great source of information and can serve as an interesting relaxation tool. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  11. 02/07/2017 / 16:18

    While a walk and coffee work wonders on me… naps make me in a crappy mood 😂 Love the article ❤️

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:44

      It all depends I guess. Each one of us has to try and test until we find things that work for us. Science suggests we should keep our naps sweet and short, otherwise, the effect is completely opposite.

  12. 02/07/2017 / 17:53

    I love these! I’m terrible at napping, but watching a funny show or going for a walk always helps me!

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:45

      Going for a walk is very relaxing – especially in nature where you get to breathe fresh air which works wonders!

  13. 02/07/2017 / 18:28

    I love this article! Whenever I feel sad or just not like myself, a walk outside with just my thoughts, and possibly a pit stop at my favorite coffee place always do the trick.

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:46

      You know what’s funny? I love to walk outside and clear my mind. As I’m writing this, it’s started raining. I think there’s something therapeutic in the summer rain. Have you ever thought about it?

  14. 02/07/2017 / 19:07

    Such great tips! Especially getting off line- I just started my blog and there’s so much information I feel like I’ve been living online! I gave myself a day off a few days ago and it was magical!

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:48

      Yes, we all need to disconnect from time to time…

  15. 02/07/2017 / 21:13

    These are so simple yet good! Meditation especially is something you can always do! And I love going for walks!

    • 03/07/2017 / 14:49

      Meditation is amazing, but for many, it’s hard to get into it and keep up once they’ve started (I for once have periods of falling out). I also love guided sleep meditation which is a great way to relax before bedtime.

  16. 02/07/2017 / 22:12

    Nice! I really love the suggestion to take a break from the media. I think we don’t realize how all the negative energy from the media, always reporting on the bad stuff, really affects us.


    • 03/07/2017 / 14:50

      Hi, Tam!

      I agree…we are surrounded by negativity 24/7… it’s important to take time off and disconnect!

  17. Jasmin N
    02/09/2017 / 21:00

    This was amazing! I’m actually on my way to feel happier at the moment, or trying to be something like that and these are wonderful tips!

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