Great Places to Travel to this Spring

Great Places to Travel to this Spring
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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  ― Jawaharlal Nehru

As spring is slowly approaching, I’m pretty sure that you are all planning your next big vacation. In the meantime, why not satisfy your restless traveller’s souls with a quick weekend getaway in one of these 3 lovely places:

Cinque Terre and Florence, Italy

This is one the most obvious ones for anyone who’s planning on visiting Tuscany. Usually a tourist favourite for the May holidays, I think that Cinque Terre could look really beautiful and less crowdy at the beginning of spring. If you ever find yourself there, click here, so you’ll be prepared! 😉

Cinque Terre bathing in the sun!

Florence is also a big hit with travellers. And Cinque Terre and Florence are actually a great combo. You can stop for a few days wandering the streets of Firenze and then continue on towards Cinque Terre for a completely different vibe. And don’t forget to stop in Pisa along the way, of course! Click here for Two Days in Florence Travel Guide!

Budapest, Hungary

If you ask me, no travel list is complete without my beloved Budapest. I still don’t know why but there’s just something about this place that I really connect with. There’s a lot of great architecture, amazing food (about which I wrote here) and fun nightlife, plus the boho and artsy side of the city are blooming. You can tell that I really like it because there are well three blog posts on Budapest on my blog. 🙂

You can Discover Budapest in 48 hours by clicking here. If you’ve got some more time to spare, click here and discover also the other side.

Budapest – the city of contrasts!

Granada, Spain

Last but not least, one last year’s more pleasant surprises – the city of Granada! I recommend you visit Granada in the springtime because I travelled there during summer and it was very beautiful but also boiling hot. Why visit? Because one of the most visited monuments in Spain is located there – Alhambra. Plus, the food was delicious, which is always a plus, isn’t it? Find out more on what to see and do in my Granada travel guide by clicking here!

The amazing views of Granada!

Alhambra – one of the great places to travel this spring

What are your top choices for places to travel to this spring?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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    • 19/01/2018 / 15:23

      Let’s travel the world this year, shall we? 🙂

  1. 17/01/2018 / 18:17

    Haha spring approaching whereas in Poland the real winter hasn’t come yet. But it’s finally getting colder and it begins to snow! Agree with your list, especially with the Cinque Terre and Florence! Perfect locations;)

    • 19/01/2018 / 15:23

      We can always dream about spring, right? Once the December festivities are over, I’m ready for spring! 🙂

  2. 17/01/2018 / 18:43

    Love the photos in your blog. I would absolutely love to visit Italy someday.

  3. Mane
    17/01/2018 / 20:48

    I really wanted to visit Europe countries this year! Now I know that Budapest is such a lovely place I should definitely add this to my bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

    • 19/01/2018 / 15:22

      My pleasure. You would love Budapest, I’m sure! 🙂

  4. 17/01/2018 / 20:52

    Thank you so much for sharing this guide, its really helpful for travel planning for vacation.

  5. 17/01/2018 / 21:46

    Oh man this is really fueling my wanderlust this afternoon. My top choices for places to travel to this Spring are New Orleans, Glasgow, The Caribbean, and Oslo! 🙂

    • 19/01/2018 / 15:21

      I would love to visit New Orleans or just do a road trip around that area of U.S.

  6. 18/01/2018 / 00:29

    Gosh, I would love to see these parts of the world! But life called me in a different direction. Maybe one day. Right now, I can live through you guys and your posts. Beautiful!

  7. Joanna
    18/01/2018 / 10:06

    Cinque Terre is definitely a great place to travel in spring too because there are not so many people. In summer it can get very crowded. I was there in autumn and it was pretty quiet, which I loved.

    • 19/01/2018 / 15:20

      I believe you, Cinque Terre in autumn must be beautiful!

  8. 18/01/2018 / 10:11

    I want to visit all these places! Now on my list there is Amsterdam, Milan and Copenhagen! Let’s see where I ll go next.

    • 19/01/2018 / 15:19

      I would love to revisit Amsterdam. I was there a couple of years ago and totally fell in love with the city. The Scandinavian countries are also somewhere on my list. 🙂

  9. 18/01/2018 / 21:59

    Woww….all looks amazing places. I would like to visit all these places. Wonderful pictures as well. xo

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