Little Black Dress for an easy transition from summer to autumn

Little Black Dress for an easy transition from summer to autumn
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For one thing is sure – a little black dress will never be out of style!

When it comes to styling an outfit, we all have different things we like and dislike.
For me, one of the key elements is simplicity and right there at the top of my requirements, you’ll also find comfort.

In today’s outfit,  I wanted to share with you this simple black dress from Zara’s new collection.
For around 12€ you can get a versatile dress that will transition just lovely from day to night.

I like it so much, that I also bought it in light grey and camo variation.
It looks lovely with heels, but even more so with a pair of sneakers and leather jacket.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending my autumn in this type of dresses.
For this outfit, I paired it with very fashionable wrap bracelet from Lila’s beauty bag.

I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic,
I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. It’s better to be happy.”

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Zara (currently in stores)
Bag: Replay (available in the sale section)
Sunnies: Rayban
Bracelet: wrap bracelet from Lila’s beauty bag   (available online)

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  1. 04/09/2017 / 09:56

    I also love simple style and this dress is so cool – and you look amazing wearing it!

    • 04/09/2017 / 11:53

      Thank you, Karolina!

      You can’t go wrong with a simple black outfit, right? 🙂
      I especially like the length, because it’s not too short.

  2. Analesha
    04/09/2017 / 09:59

    Your totally right. A little black dress never goes out of style. I also love the quality of Zara clothes too!

    • 04/09/2017 / 11:54

      Nothing better than finding a great piece for a good price 😀

  3. 04/09/2017 / 18:52

    Fantastic idea and you looks gorgeous with those black dress. Looks gorgeous is not always to spend alot of money. Love this idea dear.

  4. Kaylee
    04/09/2017 / 19:45

    A simple black dress will always look good no matter what season it is! I also love the bracelets you paired with the dress!

  5. 04/09/2017 / 21:27

    Always a timeless piece no matter what the season is! You look so beautiful and stylish!

  6. Jasmin N
    04/09/2017 / 21:28

    You look absolutely amazing! Oh my goodness, that dress suits you so well!

    • 06/09/2017 / 10:39

      The dress is very, very flattering… I would recommend it to anyone. Somehow it hugs the body in all the right places, plus I like the length of it – not too short!

    • 06/09/2017 / 10:38

      Yes! I think it’s important to show that looking good shouldn’t cost you a fortune…

  7. 05/09/2017 / 08:52

    You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Add some nice accessories and shoes for colour and all done. 🙂

  8. 05/09/2017 / 13:24

    nothing better than a LBD – timeless.
    This one if gorgeous – so affordable!
    you have me inspired to whip mine out!

  9. 05/09/2017 / 17:37

    Beautiful stress and nice styling hon! Black dresses are always trendy! 🙂 Btw I looove your tan, it’s just perfect!

    • 06/09/2017 / 10:37

      Thank you, Nora! I guess you can’t really go wrong with black.. ever 🙂

  10. 05/09/2017 / 20:29

    Can’t go wrong with a little black dress! Love the idea of changing it up to a bit more casual 💕

    • 06/09/2017 / 10:36

      thank you! This one is very casual, but it also looks great let’s say with wedge shoes for example. I have some fancier ones at home that in reality I almost never wear.

  11. 05/09/2017 / 23:22

    Every woman must have a little black dress for summer, autumn or whatever. 🙂

  12. 06/09/2017 / 09:55

    The LBD always comes through….definitely a must have in every closet….love it

    • 06/09/2017 / 10:35

      thank you. Yes, definitely a must have. I think a simple design is key though if you want to pair it with various items.

  13. 07/09/2017 / 16:36

    I agree that it’s better to be happy than chic! And this dress looks like both! I have a few black dresses, and they’re so comfy and easy to accessorize!

  14. 07/09/2017 / 21:57

    That’s super cute! I recently bought a similar dress, I love dressing it up or down! I love adding in some knee high socks because of autumn now… super cute and casual! Can’t wait to wear it, might wear it tomorrow whilst out with the Mother in Law!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  15. 07/09/2017 / 23:44

    This dress is a must have, you look great in it, have a happy autumn

  16. 09/09/2017 / 01:33

    Girl, what a figure!! You look amazing in this dress, from Zara? We’ve got a new Zara store here, I have been today, was actually looking for a white blouse. We are invited to a ‘pool cocktail come together’ on Sunday and I feel like needing something new. Forget about the white outfit, the little black dress is a safe bet! Thanks for reminding me 🙂 spot on timing also 😉

    • 11/09/2017 / 08:16

      Thanks so much, Klaudia! Zara has some great pieces if you are willing to browse a little bit. 😉

  17. 03/10/2017 / 15:43

    It is Very nice and Helpful Article. Thank you for sharing, Thanks again.

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