A Life of Adventure: Say ‘YES’ until you mean no!

It was right around the New Year’s  when it hit me – it’s time for a change!

I wasn’t exactly happy where I was for quite some time, and suddenly, when everyone was talking about how everything is going to change by the 1st of January, of course usually in a very sarcastic tone, I realised nothing will ever change, unless I do.

At the beginning of February I left my job, which by the way, I actually enjoyed working at, plus I had an amazing group
of friends and coworkers that made working there pleasant, but unfortunately none of that seemed to be good enough.

It seemed that no matter how good I was at my job and no matter how hard working,
I could never be good enough for certain people at the top. There was no way a girl like me could acquire a certain position and get promoted, and frankly the whole thing was frustrating me to say the least.

It’s hard to work in such an environment when instead of feeling motivated and appreciated, you
feel like giving up, because nothing really matters, since nobody could ever notice  your work ethics anyways.

So, here I am, writing this post a few days before I embark on a new journey in my life.

I’m headed to Costa Rica with my bf with a simple plan – to spend some quality meeting new people and learn
as much as possible from them.

It is, to say the least, chaotic, frightening, scary and stressful, specially for a girl who’s natural reaction, when
it comes to meeting new people, would be to hide under the table and get the hell out of the room.

So here I am, trying to tell you to step out of your comfort zone and GIVE LIFE A TRY!
You owe it to yourself to live your best life possible, since you only get one.
Do it for me, if you cannot do it for your own sake, and join me on this exciting new journey
towards a happy lifestyle and let’s keep each other company along the way, shall we?

Don’t worry, I’m not about giving life lessons to people, trust me, I still have tons to learn myself.
This will never be a “new-age, life coaching” kind of blog.

I’m just a girl, trying to find my own peace of mind in this scary, fast-paced, ever-changing world.

My life goals at this very moment:

become self-employed, be more optimistic, read more books,
take better care of my body, blog more, and be more willing to let go of fears and become open to try new things.

Please feel free to share your life stories with me in the comments bellow, and you can always contact me
via email if you don’t feel like sharing it out loud. 🙂

I will be back soon, with updates and hopefully gorgeous photos from Costa Rica.

I wish you all an amazing year!

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  1. 14/10/2017 / 04:15

    I love a story of self-realization. This is what I got out of this. Its inspiring

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:18

      Thank you! It’s always a challenge when you have to decide whether to stay true to yourself or to follow the social norm.

  2. 23/10/2017 / 17:57

    You go girl! Imava podobno izkušnjo v tem letu vidim 🙂

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