Fall Outfit with Duster Trench Coat

Fall Outfit with Duster Trench Coat

And then October came and the world was magical all over again.

One of my favourite outfits lately is a simple mix of summer and autumn pieces. I paired my favourite pair of jean shorts with a simple grey jumper.
For a warm autumn day, my duster trench coat was just perfect. In case it gets colder I would replace it with a thicker wool coat.
As you can tell, I like simple and comfortable outfits.

The photos were shot in Trieste during the festivities of Barcolana.
Trieste, which is usually very calm and sleepy in the morning hours, was already full with tourists and locals all waiting for the start of the regatta.

Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste

Keeping it simple: beige, grey and black are my colours

These Dr Martens boots have been with me for over 10 years now.


Jean shorts: Zara
Cami: Guess Underwear
Sweater: Oviesse
Socks: Calvin Klein
Tights: random black tights
Shoes: Dr Martens
Duster trench: bought on Aliexpress out of curiosity a few years ago – amazing buy!
Bag: Pimkie

For similar pieces and inspiration click on the photos below.




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  1. 11/10/2017 / 16:40

    Gorgeous jacket darling! And omg, your legs are absolutely gorgeous too. If you’d say you’re doing modeling I’d for sure believe. 🙂 I should find a trench coat before next summer. I’ve tried to find a perfect one for years but probably this time I’ll succeed with it.

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:33

      If you’re looking for something relatively affordable, Zara has a beautiful trench in stores right now. It’s super cool, with a hood attached. My sister just bought it. Check it out!

  2. Jasmin N
    11/10/2017 / 18:20

    You look absolutely stunning! That trench looks so good on you 🙂 I wish I was able to use trench coats but I’m way, way too short for them haha 😀

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:31

      Hey, Jasmin! I’m actually pretty short myself. I think we can all wear them, we just have to adapt and choose the correct length.

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:30

      Hahahha, Hannah! I know what you mean. I think we all have that one item that we continue buying even though we have plenty at home already. Zara has a lovely trench in stores right now, btw. It’s cool, black with a hood. Just in case you’re looking for another one. 😀

  3. Elizabeth
    11/10/2017 / 20:00

    Love your trench coat! I haven’t taken mine off this Autumn.

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:29

      It’s so versatile and it makes everything look more put together. It’s a must have I think.

  4. 11/10/2017 / 21:21

    I really love your styling! Casual but stylish too. Your photos are unique, you look so free and relaxed. I like the fact that you don’t pose at all!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:28

      Thank you, Helene! That’s what I also prefer in photos, I don’t like them when they are too put together and the poses are obvious.

  5. 11/10/2017 / 21:26

    What a great fall outfit and you look gorgeous dear. Love the way your pairing this summer and fall look together. All are on point. XO

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:28

      Thank you, Kintan! If you don’t want to spend a fortune of clothes, you can always mix & match.

  6. Zana
    11/10/2017 / 21:29

    I love this look – it’s really chic!:) the photos are just perfect!
    And I love Trieste – it’s my fave!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:27

      Yeeeees! Trieste is lovely! 🙂

  7. Analesha
    12/10/2017 / 19:38

    Absolutely love your coat!! Your whole outfit is gorgeous!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:25

      Thank you, Analesha! The coat was a total steal! You can check it out on the link I attached. 🙂

  8. 12/10/2017 / 19:51

    Simple and chic! These photos are great and I relate to your style. Simple, comfortable but still elegant and fun to look at!

    Great work!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:25

      Thank you, Shelby! I’m always torn between dressing more seriously (age appropriate one might say) and dressing trendy and fun.

  9. 13/10/2017 / 11:43

    Your legs are to die for! Shorts, black tights and DMs – what a great look. Love it.

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:23

      Thank you, Avril! I think the tights are very flattering. They make everything look better. 😉

  10. 13/10/2017 / 14:51

    Right October is here! So fast the Summer flew by. Love the outfit!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:21

      Thank you, Sonja! It’s a classic… I like it because it will last me for various seasons.

  11. 13/10/2017 / 19:56

    One of these days I need to try denim shorts with tights. I love the look you created by pairing with a trench…totally elongates and takes the look to the next level!

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:21

      Thank you, Beth! It does, right? Somehow it makes the whole thing look more put together. Thank you for stopping by. 😉

  12. 13/10/2017 / 21:21

    This outfit is adorable for fall! I’m in love with the tights, I always love finding a good pair of sheer tights to wear.

    • 14/10/2017 / 09:20

      Thank you, Kayla! I think a pair of tights is always a good choice. They make your legs look slimmer and longer.

  13. 14/10/2017 / 13:04

    Gorgeous photos, and I love Doc Martens! Such a trusty shoe, especially for autumn!

  14. 14/10/2017 / 23:46

    You look stunning, the coat is beautiful. I do have a trechcoat it’s chocolate brown colour.

  15. 15/10/2017 / 13:56

    Yaay, girl I really love this outfit! You look amazing in it!

  16. 16/10/2017 / 14:23

    I wish we experienced different seasons, but where I am from its bright and sunny 90% of the time! I am loving your boots! I am longing to own a pair, but just when would I ever get to wear them lol. Very cute outfit for fall…

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