UPW Seminar: Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins

UPW Seminar: Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins

UPW, Tony Robbins: Life happens FOR you, not to you!


Who would have thought that feeling good was only a good booty shake away, right? It might look like I’m joking, but I’m actually not. ASStitude is a real deal! These are the positive emotions generated by the shaking/movement of the gluteus maximus muscles and hip flexors. It is also the scientific study of shaking one’s ass as pertains to one’s joyous feelings.

I’ve gotten to know this concept through Joseph McClendon III. He holds a doctorate in neuropsychology and several certifications in the neurosciences and is an expert in life transformation by assisting others in overcoming fears, phobias, and emotional challenges. More so, he is one of the speakers at an event that has deeply affected millions of people from all over the world. Asstitude is only a small part of the concepts and tools we got to learn about in a 4 days seminar that took place in Palm Beach in November 2017.


A few weeks ago I attended one of Tony Robbins‘ most popular seminars titled UPW (short for Unleash the Power Within). Who is Tony Robbins? Tony Robbins is the man — thousands worship him as he was god and others claim he helped them transform their lives. Often described as a motivational speaker, Tony is actually someone who has gone through a lot in his life. All of it has inspired him to lead a better life and inspire others to do so as well. He’s worked with multiple presidents and many great athletes in helping them to get to the next level. His background is NLP (neurolinguistic programming). His seminars have been hugely successful for decades.

Even though the seminars appear to take a form of a concert, where thousands of people dance like crazy monkeys and yell all sorts of things in the air, it is all part of a system that is designed to transform your life. Believe me, Tony Robbins is no joke.

The seminar is everything you could ever imagine and more. It is definitely a place where you will get uncomfortable numerous times and a place where you will be forced to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. I think we all know that’s where the magic starts to happen. If you don’t feel like doing that just yet, you can continue reading this article and see what I learned instead. 🙂

What I learned at UPW:


If I have learnt something on the UPW seminar, is that everything is relative. People get stuck in their heads and can’t see clearly. Your life might seem perfect on the outside, but you know there are things that have been bugging you for a long time. We get so deep in our heads that we convince ourselves that change is impossible and nothing good will ever happen to us. We get depressed, and we live but we are not fully alive. Sometimes it is hard to understand why our lives are not improving. What we don’t seem to understand is that there is no new result without new action. We all have problems, that’s a fact. But as Tony says, problems are actually good, they are a sign of life. You can always find something or someone to appreciate and be grateful for. If you think about it, you will see that’s actually true. Is it hard? Yes! Is it impossible to focus on the good stuff? No!

As a matter of fact…

If you are suffering, it usually means that you are focusing on yourself. You have to TRADE EXPECTATIONAION FOR APPRECIATION AND YOUR LIFE CHANGES INSTANTLY!

Sounds great, right? But I bet you are thinking “if only it was that easy…”.

The seminar is designed to take your life to the next level. In four days, going at full speed from morning till night, you will meet thousands of people, all there with a common desire — wanting more from life; more freedom, more love, more fulfilment. I really liked when Tony said that “NOBODY IS BROKEN, WE JUST HAVE SOME PATTERNS THAT DON’T SERVE US.” And that is essentially what the UPW is about attaining “the tools and strategies to help maximize our capabilities as human beings and measurably accelerate the pace at which we can achieve our true goals and desires.”


Nobody said it was going to be easy. What this seminar promises though, are the tools you can use on daily basis to make it easier and a part of you in the future. How many of us have been desperate for something to change in our lives, but we haven’t really done anything to do so? “We think that change takes forever because we get stuck in the same pattern.”

With this in mind, looking back I see how my life only got better when I was at my lowest point and made a drastic change. It was only when I was really fed up with something, or when I was hurt enough, annoyed, etc. … that I stopped doing that and that’s when things got a turn for the better. If you want to create a different result, you have to apply the new action. I get it. But I wouldn’t want to go all over again through some situations that got me where I am today. I’m pretty sure Paolo Coelho was going through a phase that was challenging, yet rewarding at the same time, when he wrote:
“At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.” It’s not meant to be all glitters. Of course, life is going to be challenging and you are going to get hurt, but that does not mean it’s not worth it. The important thing is to seek fulfilment and to keep evolving. Change is good!

Without change, there is no progress and without progress, there is no fulfilment. There’s only one problem then — what’s stopping us? Why aren’t we all living as our best selves already?


Unfortunately, getting stuck in our heads seems to be a popular pastime in our society. Even more unfortunate is the fact that our brain does not know the difference between what’s real and what’s not when you imagine it. We don’t do what we can, we live what we believe we are. So if your life is not what you always wished for it to be, then maybe you have to SAY YES to yourself and RAISE YOUR STANDARD! At the seminar, I learned that there is a way to get over what you’ve been programmed for and that is to programme it yourself!

The problem with beliefs is that we did not design them, and yet we let them design our lives every day. If you want to change, you MUST break the pattern!

If you want to break the pattern though, have an OPEN MIND and get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! If we keep repeating the same old’ habits, change is almost impossible to happen.


As Tony said on the third day of UPW (transformation day), a belief is something you’ve said with certainty so many times, that you actually believe it’s true but a belief is nothing but a poor substitute for experience. The problem with beliefs is that although there are ones that are good and empowering, there are also those that are limiting. Limiting beliefs are stopping us from living the lives we’ve always wanted.

At the UPW we learned about 3 steps to lasting change:

You have to GET LEVERAGE!

You can create instant change by changing your body posture, your breath and your movement. (This is also the reason why you see all those mad people jumping and dancing at Tony Robbins seminars – active learning comes from incorporating your whole physiology in the process). In fact, a slight change in your posture can make a big difference in the way you feel and present yourself.  By changing your focus, you can change how you feel – our brain is designed in such a way that it does not distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, to our brain, whatever we focus on, it feels like reality. At last, by changing our vocabulary, we can also change our reality. As soon as we attribute words to experiences, it changes the meaning we experience.

CREATE A NEW AND EMPOWERING PATTERN and reinforce it until it becomes a habit.

Without enough leverage, you will probably give up and never change. Humans have the ability to adapt to great lengths and that is why we adapt and adopt the life the society imposed on us instead of breaking free and designing the life we truly want to live. If you want to break your pattern, you must recognize the limiting beliefs that have stopped you from moving to the next level. At the UPW seminar, we did that with an exercise called the DICKENS PROCESS  – a series of questions designed to tackle the limiting beliefs and get rid off them for good!

Through this exercise, we got to identify three limiting beliefs that have been producing unwanted consequences in our lives. The process then consisted of rewriting our negative (limiting) beliefs with new and empowering ones. You can always find good in bad, after all, it all depends on the point of view you look at events in your life.

And finally, take MASSIVE ACTION!

Do you ever wonder, how come you fail to go through with all the changes in your life that you so much yearn for? Even a great motive sometimes just isn’t enough. You must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION in order to break through. You can do that by acquiring the knowledge and tools (some of which I mentioned earlier) so that you’ll have a good understanding of who you are as a person (understanding your emotions and how you create meaning). Once you have clarity on what you want to achieve, Tony suggests we create a Massive Action Plan.When you’re creating your MAP, ask yourself, “How much?”, “By when?” and “For what purpose?” Then write it down. Make it a permanent, tangible expression of your mental target.” (Click here!) Taking massive action was highly stressed on the seminar as one of the most important steps in getting your life to the next level.

There are many more things I got to learn but I have to draw the line somewhere. I guess you will just have to experience it for yourself.

What do you think…


I was very sceptic going into this. Especially because for one, I am not a person that would jump around and yell in front of a mass o strangers, nor am I a hugger. The idea of opening up to strangers and having them give me massage and vice-versa was terrifying to me. The first day when Tony came to the stage I was surprised to see the people gone mental – everyone was ecstatic! I can’t deny that the energy in the conference room was addicting and it felt good. As the seminar started happening and we had to do some exercises where we had to share some of our fears with others, constantly give hugs, high fives and dance like it was the happiest day of our lives, the struggle got bigger and bigger.

Somewhere in the middle of day 1, I felt completely out of my comfort and I could feel my eyes watering.  I pushed through and I did not let myself cry but at moments, it was really hard. I guess it also depends on the people you get to be surrounded by – some are more open than others and some will make you feel more at ease than others. So don’t feel like you need to sit somewhere if you don’t feel like it’s the right place for you. Switch chairs and find people that you enjoy doing the exercises with. I realized during the first day that all Tony was doing was challenging us to step out of our comfort zones, just to make us realize that we can do that and still feel ok, if not better. The world does not end and you don’t die when you get to step out of your comfort zone.

As I started seeing that these, at first glance useless exercises, had a purpose behind them, I started feeling more comfortable.  Therefore, I started enjoying the seminar.

Hey, I even became a fire walker!

(Walking on burning coles in part of the first day of the seminar. It symbolizes a breakthrough. You feel like you can achieve and do anything you set your mind on since you were able to walk on fire.)

The seminar lasts for 3.5 days. Tony Robbins is there on the first and third day, but in all fairness, he does go on for 12 hours with no breaks on those days, so you really get a lot of value from him. On the second day, you get to experience another speaker, that si really different, but none the less an expert and great at what he does. Joseph McClendon III has worked with Tony Robbins for years. He is no Tony Robbins but definitely still a really good substitute teacher. 🙂

Day three, which in my opinion is really the last day, is all about “the transformation”. You get to break free from all the limiting beliefs and create a new pattern that will get your life to the next level. All of this is done with Tony guiding you through various NLP techniques that are designed to make an instant change. You get to learn a lot, plus you get to meet a lot of new people. And let’s not forget about Tony’s presence and knowledge and voice – definitely something anyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

On the other hand…

I must mention that I really did not appreciate the amount of upselling and selling in general, but even more so on the last (fourth) day. I thought it was just a weird way to end the seminar. I would much rather see that take place on the first day and end the seminar with high energy and extra motivated and energized. But I guess why change something that’s proven and tested, right? I did see a lot of people sign up for different programmes and seminars that Tony Robbins offers.

Also, when they tell you to bring your winter jacket, do that! It gets freezing cold in the conference room because Tony likes it cold. Plus, I think it’s an efficient way of keeping everyone focused and awake for the long hours that the UPW lasts for.

All in all, I think the seminar is extremely well organized and a great value for money!

I feel like I got what I came for – a new experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone and a lot of new tools that will help improve my life.

Is it life changing? It is for some. Not for me though. But it was nonetheless a great experience that I would gladly recommend to everyone. If nothing else, you learn to live your life with an open mind, which in my opinion is well worth the ticket price!

Have you ever attended any of his seminars before? How did you like it?

Unleash the Power Within with the simple Tony Robbins exercises:


Tony Robbins Emotional Flood Exercisehere!

Read more about UPW seminar on the official site by clicking here!

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  1. Jasmin N
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    Oh wow, this was so insanely motivational post! I really needed this today. Thank you x

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    Such a motivating post. Thank you!

  3. 24/11/2017 / 01:11

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tony Robbins. He’s that good eh! I would love to attend his seminars. Hopefully he’ll have one here in my area.

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    Wooow! Very motivational post! I’ve heard so much of good things about him!

  5. Sachin Kumar
    24/11/2017 / 11:24

    I love the new attitude word Asstitude. Such a nice post, shake the booty.

  6. 24/11/2017 / 12:40

    Man there are so many incredible lessons here that are so relevant to what I’m going through right now! This seminar sounds right up my alley!

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    That’s a very motivating and interesting post.. Thanks for sharing this information

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    Great post and good quotes. I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins.

  9. 25/11/2017 / 05:30

    I have listened to Tony Robbins in the past. I should go to one of his seminars. I saw him once on OWN and the exercises he had the audience do touched my heart. After your review I should go to one of his events.

  10. 25/11/2017 / 12:46

    It’s so interesting. Motivation is sometimes hard to find, that’s I love the people like him because theirs sentence can lift you up. I’ve never heard about him, but I’ll look him up right now ^_^

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    27/11/2017 / 13:23

    I’ve heard such good things about him. I would love to be able to see him speak in person to get some of that contagious energy!

  12. 27/11/2017 / 17:49

    It sounds like he had a lot of great things to say. And there is truth to the power of belief. Whatever we really believe in we put trust in and step out and do. Or it holds us back from doing things we like because the belief we have is bad or wrong.

  13. 07/12/2017 / 15:21

    I focus on my son, my husband and myself mostly nowadays. It’s part of life that we sometimes have to change our focus. Great seminar!

    • 09/12/2017 / 08:29

      Thank you, Sabine! It really was an interesting experience.

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